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Love To Read?

Love To Read?

Books are the ultimate in escapism. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. That is why I write. If you like my work, sign up for my email updates so that you will know when the next book is on its way.

Build Your Fanbase

Find Your Fans

Writing a book is only the beginning for a writer. With digital marketing, you will find your readers and build a fanbase that supports you every step. I can show you how easy it is. Stick around and either learn more or enlist my help.

Free Short Stories

Free Stories

Not sure if you’d want a full novel by me yet? No problem! You can read some of my short stories, and see if you like my writing at the same time. These are free-of-charge, no-obligation short stories hosted right here on this website. Enjoy!

Dopamine and Creativity

Like it has been with so many other creatives, this past year and a half has been rather dry when it came to creativity for me. (Gee, I wonder why?) I dropped off the face of the… website. This website. OK, so nothing very dramatic. But I have been feeling guilt whenever my website’s hosting fee was […]

How Much Does Google Ads Cost?

A while ago, I asked some of my fellow writers what they would love to know more about when it comes to digital marketing, and more specifically, how it pertains to authors wanting to sell more books. One question that I wasn’t sure about, despite working in the digital marketing space for a few years now, was […]

Writing Is Hard

Think of a fiction writer. You’d probably imagine some person living the dream, making stuff up to entertain the masses. Not so fast there, bucko. The one thing I’ve learned about writing well is that it’s nowhere near as easy as you might imagine. Sure, you make stuff up, but you’re going to come across some heartbreaking […]

Untitled Caper

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Draft 2
Beta Reading
Draft 3
Draft 4

Release Date: 9 March 2021