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I Is For Indie Publishing

Indie Publishing, also known as Self-Publishing, is my method of choice for my writing career. This article will serve as a bit of a defense for Indie Publishing, and also the benefits that I appreciate of it. 

In Defense Of Indie Publishing

I’ve heard all of the objections from traditionally published authors. How Indie Publishing ruined the industry, how it’s like a conveyor-belt churning out bad writing like clockwork, how there’s always a bunch of spelling and grammar issues, how the industry hides all of the plagiarists, etc. I’m sure I’m leaving out a plethora of other arguments against Indie Publishing. 

We’re not all like that, y’know.

I get that there are issues, but there are also issues with Traditional Publishing. Nothing is without its drawbacks. Here are my reasons for why I chose Indie Publishing over Traditional Publishing.


I created my own cover for my first book. I had the privilege and freedom to do so. I’ve heard of authors in the Traditional Publishing circles who loathed what was chosen for them. Check out this as an example. I am also free to write what I want, and don’t have anyone telling me what to add or take away. Whether this is truly for the best, is anyone’s guess… but it’s still my choice. 

More Royalties

The Indie Author pays for their own editing, proofreading, cover, formatting, etc and gets up to 70% of their own royalties on services such as Amazon. Well, even more if we start selling books on our own websites. The Traditional Author only writes the book, and therefore only sees a fraction of the sales in their royalty checks since the House pays for everything else. Since I’m a big fan of that freedom point I made above, I’m fine with doing all the other hard work if it means more income from said hard work.

You Don’t Need To Sell Yourself To Yourself

There are so many writers out there wanting to be noticed. How about noticing yourself first, hey? I think a lot of authors look to Traditional Publishing as validation. Someone out there knows your book is amazing! …After many months of someone else editing and proofreading and chopping and changing, but hey, amazing! I say, just skip the middleman and believe in yourself first. If you’re a writer, chances are excellent that you’re also a reader. If you can’t see how amazing your polished story is with your years of training, then why should anyone else out there give a hoot? 

I Don’t Speak Legalese

Maybe I’m a little paranoid, but I feel that there’s always people out there just waiting to get me. As soon as someone starts putting pieces of paper with Legalese on it in front of me, I get a little skittish. “You want me to sign away one of my kidneys, don’t you? I’m onto you, mate.” 

I’m also not rich enough to hire a lawyer to look through the pieces of paper with me, and tell me if they’re only asking for half my kingdom and firstborn as a standard practise, or if they’re under the impression that I’m an idiot that can be fleeced for their own financial gain.

Remember, your mileage may vary. Maybe you’re 100% fine with Traditional Publishing. I’m only too happy for you if that’s how you feel, since I’m sure you’ve reached your decision with sound reasoning. Do sign off in the comments, though: Tell me whether you’re going Indie, Traditional, or a mix of the two, and also why. Oh, and be sure to get all subscribed to my newsletter.

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